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That Silvia Girl's Journal [entries|friends|calendar]
That Silvia Girl

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[21 Jan 2009|05:03pm]
[ mood | optimistic ]

So random thoughts floating through this head of mine.

I need to figure out school shit so I can hurry up and move to San Francisco.

When did every SINGLE guy end up becoming a douche or a creeper? I mean seriously, the slim pickings are getting slimmer as the days go on.

Just because I am reading the twilight series DOES NOT mean I want to have a conversation with you random person at the gym, this happens just about every time I go now.

Why is everyone getting knocked up or hitched lately? It is all sorts of fucked up. Especially when most of those people who should never conceive and/or attempt to stay committed to someone FOR AS LONG AS THEY BOTH SHALL LIVE.

Ok done with that.

On to the good stuff.

I am getting my new bike in the next couple of days, going biking at the green belt this weekend with a bunch of people that should be fun.

Start training at rouge running for triathalon in March, soo excited for my first one. The 5k was fun, but a total joke. Might be running the 10k Zooma race with Laura in April, we shall see what kind of shape I am in by then.

Got a kettle bell the other day, holy shit that thing is kicking my ass. People at work have been making fun of me because I sound like an old person when I bend over because I am so insanely sore. Oh well, totally worth it.

Mario was in town on Monday, so good to see him. I love that boy. We all got together to wine and dine at Mike's.. it was a great time.. up until I was peeing and this chic busted in the door (they live in a super old house with no lock on the bathroom door) and started puking in the sink right next to me.. awesome. I had to pull my pants up and squeeze past her to get out of there. I have a strong stomach, but I didn't want to push it.

I am officially down 10 pounds, yay. A while to go... My birthday is coming up quick and absolutely no idea what I will be doing.

Letting a band crash at my place during SXSW to get a free pass, yay go me.

Liz got the job in Alaska, so sadly she will be gone all summer :( but I am really excited for her, it will be a great opportunity for her.

My only real friend at work is moving to Abilene after she has her baby in May, boo totally not cool. Makes staying here much less appealing.

Why is it that I find myself attracted to other people's boyfriends? Luckily I have some self control.

Ferris is also on a diet, he was down 2 pounds last I checked and I am bringing him to work with me tomorrow for the big weigh in to see how he is doing.

Going to my first hockey game next week, dollar beers + rampage in SA. aww yeah.

Hmmm yeah I don't know what else to say.

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all i want for christmas.. is you. [24 Dec 2007|05:10pm]
my mother is driving me crazy.. thank god i moved away, i cant deal with this crap for one more day. tomorrow couldnt come any sooner, get to go home and not listen to her bitching at me for no reason. ahhh

last night we went down to the riverwalk, it was alot of fun.. i drank WAY too much. i had a rowdy hang over this morning.

why do i always fall/get together with guys who are off limits? my luck really needs to change. i want someone to like me for me, not because i am someone different.


dinner needs to hurry up and happen, i'm starving.

need to get ready, anibal is coming to eat with me and my family and i look like hell. blah.

hope everyone has a great christmas!
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[29 Nov 2007|09:35am]
[ mood | sore ]

i fucked up my back!
and it hurts like a bitch!
grrrrrrr, i need lots of muscle relaxers and someone to take care of me.. but noooooo i have to goto work instead.

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[23 Nov 2007|02:01am]
[ mood | thankful ]

sa has been surprisingly enjoyable.
its such a relief after how things have been in austin.
however it does make me think about people back home in a different light now that i am single.
its weird, i find myself intrested all over again.
oh well. last night was great, i had an awesome time.
i will be here till sunday, i hope i have many more good nights in sa.
i hope everyone had a great thanksgiving, i enjoyed mine.
i brought lauren as my guest and vanessa brought her boyfriend and meghan.
it was so nice to not have to deal with a boyfriend for it, but it also made me realize that i really dont have anyone i am intrested that i could have even invited. boo.
parents have been good, minus my mom calling me out "you smell weird, what have you been smoking??" awkward.
time to sleep, i can only imagine what tomorrow will have in store.

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[06 Nov 2007|09:00pm]
[ mood | confused ]

Lately I don't even feel like myself.
The only time I feel like I have any grasp on whats going on is in my dreams, which leads me me sleeping 10-12 hours a day.
Ah I don't know what to do.
I wish something would just slap me and wake me up, but instead I keep skipping out on everything I need/should be doing.


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[18 Oct 2007|09:45am]
why must i want what i can't have?

i miss it..
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[06 Sep 2007|11:37am]
so to say i am annoyed with the male population lately is an understatement.
i have an ex who thinks i am still in love with him and feels the need to block me, i assume because he thinks i desperately want to talk to him? who knows.
then there is the other boy, who is beyond confusing. and tells me he cant resist me when i am around so i guess has chosen to avoid me all together, stupid.
school needs to be over, only one week from today and this quarter is done! and then just one more quarter and i graduate, thank god!
beach was great, gay bars were fun.. minus the only straight guy in the whole place managing to find me. boo, i goto gay bars to avoid the lame pick up lines. oh well.
so i have decided, i am too trusting, too nice, too forgiving, and too generous.. some people appreciate it and don't take advantage.. however most are assholes and use me till they cant any longer. i dont understand people, why make people that are nice out to be idiots instead of realizing they are doing it because they care? people blow.

i need to get druuuuuunk tonight. acl ticket is being bought in the next couple of days, i am excited.
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[24 Jul 2007|01:36am]
I don't know, or understand, why anyone would willing choose to be second choice.

but then again.. that is just me.
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[13 Jul 2007|07:59pm]
things are great.

i am happy.

i still cant help but miss my friend, but in reality there is nothing i can do anymore.. its obvious i am not wanted in their lives and i just have to accept that.

trudys last night was amazing. chapman convinced me to get the greatest thing on the menu, i was not disapointed.

springs today was nice, already drunk from my purple margarita

waiting for daniel to get in town, its nice how people actually come visit me now.

i am stoked, my first titty bar. haha.
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[05 Jun 2007|09:52pm]
[ mood | devistated ]

i am sad.

how do i go on without you..?

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oh how times have changed. what i would give to be a happy kid again [29 Mar 2007|10:55am]
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That Silvia Girl's Journal -- Day [entries|friends|calendar]
That Silvia Girl
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[29 Mar 2002|03:58pm]
today was very nice.. i didnt go to school but instead hung out with kyle all day.. it was nice, we sat around.. watched some tv, gave the ol huka some action.. then russell, tommy, and jenn came over.. then i had to go to caitlin's.. mike and andrew showed up and off to bush we went.. it was soo great, it was packed as shit though.. i was at the front most of the show, on the stupid block thing.. i was dyin.. my clothes were glued to my body because of all the sweat.. but then eventually being that im hella short and tall people dont realize you shouldnt cover their faces up.. i had to resort to the back, which in turn was a VERY VERY good thing.. me and caitlin were way in the back not really payin too much attention then we saw the spot light go down on this certain area, and we thought it was a fight.. then we saw gavin's hair and we took off.. id never seen myself or caitlin run so fast.. together we knocked down at least 10 people.. i pushed my way through.. and ahhh i touched him!!! weeeeeeeeeeeeeh! it was so nice.. then after the show we went to jims and the usual people were there.. then kris and ariane showed up.. we talked and what not.. they left.. then i came home.. then around 1ish kyle, mark and russ came to get me.. we went to chris' and vickie and trippy were there.. hung out there for a while.. rachel came.. then we went to kyle's.. we ate all his food and what not.. then we went to the woods.. we heard all these scary noises and finally decided to bail.. everyone left and me and kyle went to his house to watch the cell.. and y watchin the cell i mean slept.. we both passed out.. i woke up at 8:30 and was like wow his mom went to work and didnt even bust in his room this morning.. then give or take bout 20 mins later i heard her tryin to come in the door.. great.. "i know there is a girl in your room kyle, open the door!!".. fuck me.. this is gettin wayyyyyy to old.. kyle needs what we call.. A REAL LOCK! im gonna have to invest in one of those for him, cause god knows it doesnt bother him when his mom busts in and sees me asleep in his bed.. so yet again me and rachel are competing to see who kyle's mom is a bigger slut.. i came home, fought with my bitch of a mother.. slept.. woke up by millions of ringing doorbells.. washed my car and what not.. and now iam waiting to head over to rachel's with ariane, kris, ky, and russ to make some brownies.. rachel's evil parents and evil brother and sisters left this morning.. till sunday, weeh.. party at rachel's tonight, weeeh..
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[08 Feb 2007|11:20am]
sometimes it feels impossible to be truely happy.
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beautiful trail of the lights [04 Jan 2007|06:11pm]
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trail..Collapse )
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[15 Dec 2006|02:51pm]
[ mood | nauseated ]

my life is consumed with lies, i can't even tell what the truth is anymore.

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[09 Dec 2006|05:19pm]
i don't have to move across the country to feel this alone.

[20 Nov 2006|02:51pm]
[ mood | pissed off ]

wow iam seriously about to kill my edu teacher.
we had to create projects for class that are due today, i finished mine almost a month ago.
conviniently when i opened up my powerpoint at school originally it worked fine etc.. and now minutes before i have to present it wont read my flash drive.. i tell the teacher and she is like "oh yeah a few weeks ago the administration restricted the computers so now we cant use flash drives" WHAT THE FUCK?! YOU COULDN'T HAVE MENTIONED THIS BEFORE?!?! SHE FUCKIN KNEW I HAD A FLASH DRIVE TOO, SO GUESS WHAT!? IAM FUCKED!!!!!!!!!
funny how this quarter was supposed to be my "easy quarter" and instead the teachers and material are so fuckin stupid and pointless that i want to a. kill myself or others b. not to come to these classes.


next quarter will be a hell of alot better than this shit because at least i will be takin my vet classes and not this b.s. required elective shit.

ok iam done.

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[14 Nov 2006|09:26am]
[ mood | impressed ]

watching the entire collection of six feet under to watch the last episode properly was totally worth it.
by far the most incredible last episode for a show.
i cried like a small child and i watched it 3 times in a row.
fuck, now i have to buy the seasons. im in <3.
p.s. if i wasnt already completely in love with the sia song playing during the death sequence, now it gives me goosebumps.
p.p.s. if you love me, buy me this season.

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[10 Nov 2006|03:35pm]
haha aw, i just had to rescue sage. there is this little random area behind my complex that is just over grown plants and she climbed back there behind the fence. i went looking for her and i heard her whinning and saw her on the other side, she ran up and tried to get out but the fence went all the way to the ground. the only place with an opening was far down so i had to call her and rattle the fence till i got her to follow me all the way down to where the opening was and i had to pull the opening up enough for her to crawl through. aw. that poor crazy cat. ha.
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[10 Nov 2006|10:05am]
i really fuckin hate dumb ass piece of shit teachers.
the moment i come into class i ask my teacher if i can still do the corrections from our test we took the other day, she was like yeah thats fine.
then right now(middle of class) i went up to ask for my test so i could do the corrections and she is like "oh no sorry, you had to do the corrections by yesterday" what the fuck?? you are a dumb ass whore who doesnt know a damn thing apparently. i was like "uh yeah... thats what i asked you at the beginning of class..." and made damn sure i rolled my eyes at her.
ugh i hate this semester more than anything.
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i <3 net flix [08 Nov 2006|04:15pm]
so i stayed up later watching disc 4 season 5 of six feet under.
i cried like a baby when nate died.
boo. he was my favorite. :(
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